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DEEP THOUGHT is an explosive artist, who
has been quietly climbing the ladder of success behind the scenes making an incredible impact in various cities around the world.

Born in Chicago, Illinois. Deep Thought has been making music since the age of 11. Taking trumpet lessons for starters, then moving on to the saxophone. A prodigy in his own right that excels at every instrument he picks up. Drums, Guitars, Keyboards, there is no limit to his skills when it comes to art.

Deep Thought took to the road in 1995 to Seattle, WA where he started Deep Thought Productions. He made his debut with the group Mobb Tyght Hustlers and released his first album, titled “Mobb Tyght Hustlers”.
Since then, he has worked on CD’s with other artists in Seattle and Vancouver B.C, Canada as well as releasing his own CD’s. The first being a maxi-single titled Deep Thought “Can You Stand the Rain” followed by the full-length album Deep Thought and Touche’ “Shady Thoughts” where Deep Thought collaborates with friend and former member of Mobb Tyght Hustlers, Touche’ to put together an arsenal of hits.

They went to Vancouver to promote one of the smash singles off of the album, “Canadian Girl” which quickly blew up the charts and made their mark in Canada. Deep Thought has been seen performing with such acts as Quad City DJ’s, and in Canada Summerfest 1999 with a blazing roster that included the talented Destiny’s Child, Jesse Powell, and JT Money.

Not only is Deep Thought a phenomenal rapper with original unique lyrics and stage presence that compares to none, he is also an excellent singer. Equally good at both. Also a writer and an actor. This multi-talented individual is sure to make waves with his solo album Deep Thought “Reflections” due to be released in 2004.

A true musician at heart, Deep Thought has been doing shows and working with artists in Canada, US, and now Japan. A deep passion for music and his dedication to excellence make him a fresh addition to the music industry, which is greatly needed in this time.

Original lyrics and an original sound combined with the dedication of hard work and persistence will make Deep Thought a force to be reckoned with in this constantly changing music world.
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